All About EdCamp

edcamp Winnipeg: An Education ‘Unconference’
An unconference is:
an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open envionment; and
a conversational event featuring discussions, demos, and interactions between participants rather than a group of people listening to a particular speaker.

EdCamp is a free conference for anyone involved in education.

Participants themselves determine the content on the morning of the event by extending invitations to teach, to learn, and to dialogue about issues, experiences, and innovations in education.

Everyone in attendance has the opportunity to help set the agenda, so it is very likely each person’s needs will be addressed. The range of possibilities is limitless.

Technology is used to enable and support content and is a good opportunity to see edtech implemented in authentic ways. Participants who can scan a QR code, send a Tweet, and edit a GoogleDrive document will be able to participate more fully. If you don’t know how to do these things, make an invitation to others to teach you. That’s the way things work at EdCamps.

EdCamps are free to participants because sponsors provide materials or the means to cover expenses. It is because of their generosity that EdCamps can create the opportunity for high quality self-directed professional development.

We encourage you to tweet out, share, “Like” and talk-up our sponsors in appreciation for their support. Watch the Sponsors page for details.